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YNM, short for “You Need Me”, endeavours to offer skin care and makeup products, which encourage ladies in no matter what age to fire their imaginations and manifest their charm. YNM, as a Korean brand, has all of its products produced in Korea. The best-selling products of YNM include Rainbow Honey Lip Balm, Lip Treatment Pack, Suaviss Colmado Argan 5-TF Body Essence, Miracle Spa Peel, Night & Morning Two Way Mask and Gentle Make-up Cleansing Water. Notably, Gentle Make-up Cleansing Water is especially suitable for customers with sensitive skin as it is with a mild pH close to the human body and is without additives, alcohol, fragrances and preservatives. Infused with moisturizing ingredients, the Cleansing Water brings the users no dry, stinging or uncomfortable feeling after removing makeup. Check out more YNM at Stylevana!


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