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VELLA is a k-beauty brand that offers reliable products, services and solutions at a reasonable price, creating an optimized skin guide for every part of the skin. From 2021, Vella has continuously pursued change and development, always pursuing healthy beauty. As a global company, the possibilities are limitless.The brand Vella is composed of Vella, an expression of beauty in Spanish, and Victory 'V', an expression of hope for beauty. Vella supports your healthy beauty. Vella cares about customers’ opinion and has begun to find the best products and ingredients to tackle different skin problems. They also wish to fulfill the requirements of the customers, creating the cosmetics that the customers want to use. VELLA’s best selling products include VELLA Rub Lom V8 Hydro Velvet Mask and Rub Lom Cleansing Lom. Grab those best selling collection at Stylevana!


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