Based in South Korea, Troiareuke has a vast library of Korean skin care products that aim to relieve your skin problems caused by urban pollution and the external environment. The K Beauty brand takes its name from the ancient Greek word "foundation" or "beginning", and boasts an all-encompassing range of Korean skincare products derived from chroma therapy, aroma therapy, and herbal therapy. Started as a spa brand that caters to people with acne and skin problems, Troiareuke branches our and started to develop more holistic solutions to offer people with cruelty-free options and professional-level skin prescriptions for their skin concerns, using safe and natural ingredients like phytochemical and natural plant extract. The Troiareuke Ascen collection, including the bestselling Troiareuke Acsen Selemix Serum, helps combat acne and sensitive skin, as well as other skin problems such as aging, darkening, blemishes, and dehydration. Discover Troiareuke's Kbeauty skin care collection all available at Stylevana.


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