The YEON Products

Some of the beauty brands may chase after quick solutions to a glamorous, dramatic result; K-beauty label The YEON rather focuses on formulas that can gently bring out the healthy, natural beauty of the skin. With all its skincare products 100% made in Korean, The YEON prides itself on using a range of natural ingredients that are tested and proven to be effective and safe on the skin; the Korean skincare label at the same time avoid using parabens and mineral oils in its products. The YEON also advocates ensuring its skincare products are safe to use on the skin with detailed testing during production. Instead of offering that wowing, dramatic change with one use, The YEON claims its skincare products will gradually improve your skin conditions every day. You can now access The YEON’s beauty products — including the Vita 7 Energy Peeling Gel and Rosy Lips — at Stylevana now!


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