When was the last time you found a hand cream that works for you and you truly loved it? Suffering from weathered, dry hands from constant hand washing? Don't fret. We rely on our hands to do probably everything — every tap on your Instagram, every email at work, and everything you hold and carry throughout the day; our hands deserve some much-needed TLC and pampering. There is an abundance of hand creams on the market, and SKINPASTEL takes on the challenge to create hand creams with different scents to nourish and hydrate hands while warding off signs of damage from daily wear and tear. SKINPASTEL’s hand creams are formulated with naturally sourced ingredients such as snail mucin, olive extract, aloe vera leaf extract, and green tea extract to curb dry, cracked hands; a little goes a long way. Discover SKINPASTEL’s collective of hand creams at Stylevana!


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