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Created with a love for nature and people, O’SUM releases skincare products that are 100% honest and 100% organic. As effective as they are safe to use and eco-friendly, O’SUM’s extensive range of skincare products embody six main principles of the beauty brand — consideration for people and nature, organoceutical cosmetics, strict manufacturing methods, safe natural ingredients, against animal testing and honest price, honest consumption. Striking for LOHAS (lifestyles of health and sustainability), O’SUM does not only create skincare products that are good for your skin but also makes sure its products are developed under an eco-friendly production process. O’SUM prides itself on the transparency of what ingredients it has put in its skincare products and uses only the best vetted, certified ingredients such as chamomile, angelica, green tea, tea tree, shea butter, rice and many more. Step up your skincare game today with O’SUM’s skincare products available at Stylevana.


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