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Step up your skincare game with the makeup tools brought by Litfly. This K Beauty label brought its ambition to provide high-quality Korean makeup tools that are designed for easy and effective usage. With a versatile range of makeup tools paired perfectly for different Korean skincare product, Litfly face care collection brings you the best skin care experience. Recommended by beauty gurus, Litfly face care collection has gained a cult following, such as Litfly Nose Pore Clear Brush, Litfly hair massage brush, and Litfly eyelashes curler. Crafted with easy-to-use design and handles, Litfly makeup tools are created for optimum control during application that aims to give you the most seamless finish for your beauty routine, making it the perfect device to use on-the-go or at the comfort of your home. Gear up like a pro and add your own expert touch to every look with Litfly's Korean makeup tools line-up.


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