Inspired by the skin issues of modern people, JUICE TO CLEANSE suggests a simple cleansing step to treating sensitized skin caused by fine dust, stress, and dryness. To avoid further irritating and stressing the skin by over-cleansing, JUICE TO CLEANSE advocates a simple, gentle cleansing experience to alleviate the irritated skin. Multi-purposes are one of the key ideas of JUICE TO CLEANSE’s cleansing products, which are developed to offer multi-cleansing in one product — removing makeup, dust, and sweat from the skin. Inspired by fresh juice, JUICE TO CLEANSE extracts the juice at a low temperature to retain freshness and nutrition. JUICE TO CLEANSE - Calming Clean Water is a mild liquid cleanser, which gently removes makeup residue from the face without stripping away moisture. JUICE TO CLEANSE - Water Wash Balm is a one-step balm cleanser, which melts away makeup and grime from the face. JUICE TO CLEANSE - Powder Wash is a cleansing powder that removes makeup and dust while offering a gentle exfoliation to remove dead skin cells for a brightened result. Try out the JUICE TO CLEANSE product range by shopping at Stylevana!


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