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Originated from Jeju Island in South Korea, IM'UNNY Korea is a Kbeauty skin care brand that believes in the power of minimalistic natural beauty. Based on the rich essence of K beauty culture and women's desire for natural Korean skin care products, IM'UNNY incorporates the natural essence of Jeju Island into their Korean skin care product for skin-reinforcing function. Over the years, IM'UNNY has gone through more than 3,000 experiments and 90+ kinds of natural raw material tests to find the perfect composition ratio that best fits the skin of modern people, creating the best Korean skin care line-up for different skin types. As the brand's skincare bestseller, IM'UNNY Cleansing Water has gained a huge following for its special formulation of green tea infusion that helps clear up and smoothen the skin as a one-step cleanser. IM'UNNY is also known for its trendsetting cosmetics as most IM'UNNY makeup products, like the IM'UNNY concealer, are all top-rated K beauty bestsellers.


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