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With many methods and tools for removing body hair out there in the market — from shaving to sugaring to waxing, laser hair removal offers lasting, prominent results. Professional laser hair removal could be not very budget-friendly, so Cosbeauty has released an enticing alternative to offer laser hair removal experiences at home. Cosbeauty - Joy Version IPL Permanent Hair Removal Device (300K Flashes) and Cosbeauty - IPL Permanent Hair Removal Device (300K Flashes) are engineered with intense pulsated light (IPL), meaning the device emits tiny beams of light of different wavelengths with heat to eliminate the hair follicles. With consistent use and a lot of patience, it will take at least a few sessions to see results. Cosbeauty takes a step further to discover skincare devices, and hence the LED Mask. Cosbeauty - LED Mask features Japanese innovative PDT cosmetic technology with adjustable light intensity to treat different skin issues. Shop Cosbeauty devices at Stylevana now!


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