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Claiming to make your wannabe icon dreams come true, colorgram:TOK is a Korean beauty brand that sets out on a journey to drive fun, colorful makeup trends and at the same time to make every girl pretty. Partnering with some of the K-pop icons — namely IZ*ONE and Moon Ga-young, colorgram:TOK inspires lively, rhythmic makeup looks with remarkable colors and textures. colorgram:TOK’s Thunderbolt Tint Lacquer is a long-lasting tint that stays on your lips through eating and drinking; it is offered in a range of shades for different personalities and occasions. The Multi Cube Palette features 5 pans of matching matte and glittering shades to offer versatile mix and match. If you’re looking for an all-eyes-on-me effect, the Milk Bling Shadow is what you should have been looking for. The Milk Bling Shadow captures onlookers’ attention with a theatric, glittering shine on your eyelids. These are just some of the best-sellers of colorgram:TOK. Explore what’s more the K-beauty brand offers at Stylevana.


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