Inspired by the rich, exotic beauty and romantic scenery of Provence in France, BOUQUET GARNI brings the sunshine, wind, and natural scent of southern France to you. This Korean label boasts a wide range of scented products that will deliver a deep, lasting scent to make every walking moment of your day extra memorable. From dress perfume and nourishing lip balm, BOUQUET GARNI is here to upgrade your daily with a scented touch to make you look scent-sational everywhere you go. The brand’s wide range features perfumes and diffusers, as well as items that nourish body, hands and lips, and includes bestsellers like its Floral Musk Body Lotion, Baby Powder Deep Perfume Shampoo and Baby Powder Body Shower. Revamp your beauty closet with the best of Korean scented products from BOUQUET GARNI with your personal signature scent at Stylevana now!

bouquet garni

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