AQULABO Products

Standing for the concept of combing aqua and laboratory, Korean skincare label Aqulabo is a sister brand of Elkurn founded in 2018. Aqulabo features a line of K-beauty skincare products that marry natural ingredients that are EWG green grade with healthy and green living consciousness to address the specific concerns of your skin type with precision and efficiency. The Korean beauty brand believes in the skin-changing power of natural ingredients. Their K-beauty skincare products are developed cruelty-free and vegan-friendly to complement a nature-loving lifestyle and skincare routine, and help counteract the impact of the environmental stressors. Aqulabo’s skincare products collection is for those who are seeking for conscious Korean skincare and especially for those who are suffering from skin conditions of the dry skin type. Putting a lot of effort in studying and exploring skin hydration with natural ingredients, Aqulabo features the hydrating kombucha face toner as one of their star products.


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