Starting out as an aesthetic spa shop in 2010, AIPPO is a Korean skincare brand launched in 2016 and created with the experience and knowledge of a group of professional therapists based in Seoul, Korea. Driven by the brand’s uncompromising philosophy, AIPPO is in a quest to create effective skincare products that come without harmful chemicals and preservatives. AIPPO’s skincare products are made with a clean formula and natural ingredients only; the brand’s skincare lineup demonstrates powerful results to improve skin texture and appearance. Simplicity is always at the heart of AIPPO, which is exemplified through the brand’s packaging. The brand chooses packaging that can protect the skincare formulas while avoiding creating excessive packaging waste. Some of the key ingredients in AIPPO’s signature products are: centella asiatica extract, rose water, hyaluronic acid, glacial water, kelp extract, panthenol, and green tea extract. Explore AIPPO’s clean K-beauty skincare products at Stylevana!


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