566 Hair Care Products

Specially designed to treat damaged and chemically-treated hair, 566 is a Taiwanese hair treatment brand that offers a game-changing remedy to nourish your hair. From hair repair treatment to perfume-scented shampoo, 566's hair care arsenal revives your hair from root to ends whilst imparting incredible shine. Packed with a nourishing formula that aims to strengthen and repair your damaged hair, this Taiwanese hair treatment label also creates powerfully effective products to protect and extend the desired shade of your dyed hair. If you are someone who loves her hair softly scented, 566's range of perfume shampoos is your perfect daily essentials that deliver uplifting notes of soothing ambiance for your shower. Whether you are looking for a hair care remedy that repairs, strengthens, protects, detangles, softens, or boosts shine, 566's hair treatment products are your go-to solutions. Elevate your hair care routine with 566's exclusive hair treatment products all available at Stylevana.


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