10mg rx

Rendered as an emerging cult-favorite K beauty brand, 10mg Rx is inspired by everything innovative. With a wide array of Korean skincare products under its belt, this K Beauty brand focuses on refining your skincare routine in the hopes of transforming you into a healthy, natural beauty that glows from within. 10mg Rx is also devoted to discovering the diverse beauty secret of different innovative formula, leading to their extensive range of Korean skincare products that share the same belief, ranging from moisturizing cream, calming toner, to skin-loving ampoule sets. 10mg Rx's best sellers include the exclusive collection of ampoule kits that features different ingredients for different skin concerns: Niacinamide for whitening, hyaluronic acid for hydration, propolis for calming, and mugwort for purifying. This K Beauty brand has become a highly coveted option in the K Beauty market for those who seek long-term solutions to nourish their skin the best way possible.

10mg rx

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