Tonymoly is definitely one of the names that will come to mind when thinking of K-beauty. The brand perfectly demonstrates Korea’s obsession with great, healthy skin with their innovative use of ingredients and pushes the whopping Korean skin care regimen beyond to create an effective, adorable range of not only skin care but also makeup.

Insta-worthy Design

As you can infer from their name, all of Tonymoly’s products inundate your skin care and makeup collectives with adorable, Insta-worthy packaging: a range of marine root-up complex- and charcoal-infused formula disguised as a ‘tako’ (an octopus in Korean), a cute lip gloss smiling with a bunny face cap, and a bamboo sap- and shoot extract-enriched housed in lovely pandas.

The name Tonymoly is a combination of the words ‘Tony’ and ‘Moly’, meaning ‘putting style into packaging’. Tonymoly’s skin care and makeup not only look cute on your vanity or in your makeup pouch, but they also work well together to create that photogenic look.

Cater to All Your Needs

Back to Tonymoly’s innovative skin care formula: they are formulated with ‘a variety of natural ingredients derived from plants, animals, and minerals,’ said the Marketing Director of Tonymoly in Seoul, Korea in an interview with in-cosmetics Korea. Some of the ingredients may sound ‘weird’ and less familiar in the Western market, but these are the K-beauty’s bread and butter to replenish, plump, and rejuvenate skin; no matter what type of skin you have.

Oil Control

Egg Pore Blackhead Steam Balm: a self-heating balm infused with charcoal powder and sea salt to open clogged pores while removing excess sebum and dead skin cells

Tako Pore Sebum Control Gel Cream: an adorable gel cream formulated with marine root-up complex and Hawaiian deep-sea water to replenish moisture without shine and grease

Dr. Logy Sheet Mask – BLEMISH: a sheet mask featuring betaine salicylate and glycolic acid to soothe irritated skin while gently fading acne scars


Master Lab Sheet Mask – Hyaluronic Acid: an ultra-thin sheet mask made of natural cellulose, infused with hyaluronic acid to lock in moisture while boosting elasticity

The Chok Chok Green Tea Watery Cream: an antioxidant-rich cream formulated with pure fermented green tea extra to provide intense hydration

I'm Real Sheet Mask – Seaweed: a 3-layer pulp sheet mask soaked in micro emulsion-based essence to hydrate and purify skin


Master Lab Sheet Mask – Snail Mucin: an ultra-thin sheet mask made of natural cellulose infused with snail mucin to boast regeneration for anti-aging benefits

Timeless Ferment Snail Eye Mask: a hydrogel eye mask enriched with snail mucin and gold tea ferment to rehydrate, repair, and brighten the delicate eye area

Timeless Ferment Snail Hydrogel Mask: a concentrated hydrogel mask featuring fermented snail mucin and gold tea ferment to restore and repair damaged skin

Your eyes. Your lips. Your smile

Tonymoly goes beyond skincare to create a collective of makeup that helps create that perfect K-pop star look. You may first get distracted by the eye-catching packaging. Don’t ‘overlook’! Check out our picks below and try them on.

Smile upon Your Lips

The Perfect Lips Shocking Lip is a highly pigmented, lasting formula that stains and stays put on the lips like a tattoo. Despite its light texture, it is infused with a combination of rosehip, argan, and jojoba oil to nourish the lips. The LIPTONE Get It Tint is also a super pigmented formula that lingers with a sweet, fruity scent. This non-drip formula delivers buildable color while plumping the lips for a fuller pout.

Smile in your Eyes

What’s more: You’ll also find our beloved eyeliner, mascara, and brow pencil from Tonymoly to complete your look with that much needed, eye-enhancing effect. The Easy Touch Auto Eyebrow and the Back Gel Eyeliner Long Brush work together to contour the window to your soul, while the Delight Circle Lens Mascara and Double Needs Pang Pang Mascara help define fanned lashes.

What’s your favorite Tonymoly’s product? Look no further and stock up!