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What is a VANA Point?

VANA Point is our way of showing appreciation. You can earn points from various activities including making purchases, subscribing our newsletter and following our social media platforms. It gives you the key to unlock different discounts and a wide range of exclusive rewards. The more VANA Point you earn, the more benefits you receive!

Notes on Benefits:
  1. Insider, Super Fan and VIP tiers will receive unlimited membership discount of 3%, 6% and 10% respectively, off the unit prices of their purchases at Stylevana. Discounts will be displayed on product pages and applied to cart automatically. This offer can combine with other site offers.
  2. Cash coupons will be issued to your account, as an entry reward of a new tier.
    • The £5 coupon is valid for 6 months following its issue date, and a minimum purchase of £45 is required.
    • The £9 coupon is valid for 12 months following its issue date, and a minimum purchase of £85 is required.
    • You may re-apply the SAME £9 coupon code for a maximum of 2 or 5 times, depending on the tier acquired.
  3. Only ONE coupon code can be applied per order.

How does VANA Reward Club works?


  • Simply create an account and place at least one order to enrol in VANA Reward Club.

Earn VANA Point

  • Click on the campaigns of your interest listed on VANA Reward Club page.
  • Points will be automatically added to your account on the following business day, upon completion of corresponding activities except for “Per Dollar Spent” campaign.
  • Points acquired through “Per Dollar Spent” campaign will be issued when the order is packed or dispatched.
  • Each dollar you spend at Stylevana is equivalent to 1 VANA point, excluding all shipping fees, reshipping charges, customs fees, taxes, and payments in the form of cash coupon.
  • Social campaigns including following our social media platforms and newsletter subscription can only be redeemed ONCE.
  • To enjoy your birthday rewards, please visit “My Account > VANA Reward Club > Happy Birthday” and input your birthday. Changes are not allowed in most cases. Please contact our Customer Service for any necessary changes.
  • Only reviews written by Verified Buyers will be eligible to the reward of 50 VANA Points.
  • Verified Buyers can only leave one review on a daily basis.


  • Members must earn specific number of VANA Point to upgrade to the next tier. Earn at least 300 points to become our “Super Fan” and 900 points to “VIP”.
How to check on my membership and available coupons?
  • To retrieve your coupon code, check your reward history and coupon issue date, please visit “My Account > VANA Reward Club”.
General Terms and Conditions
  1. Membership level will be downgraded to “Insider” in a dynamic 12-month period starting when you reach a tier.
  2. VANA Point will be expired if there has been no activity in the account for 12 consecutive months.
  3. There is no membership fee incurred by the enrolment of VANA Reward Club.
  4. VANA Point has no monetary value and cannot be exchanged for cash or Stylevana credit.
  5. All £ mentioned in VANA Reward Club is in GBP.
  6. Discount rates only apply to product unit prices (Items on sale included). The final price is calculated by firstly applying sale discount (if any), followed by membership discount.
  7. VANA Point earned through purchase(s) will be credited to a member's account after payment has been processed.
  8. Total numbers of VANA Point acquired per order will be rounded down to the nearest integer.
  9. If an approved order/item is cancelled, returned or refunded, Stylevana has the right to deduct corresponding points from the order.
  10. Shipping fees, reshipping charges, customs fees, taxes, and payments in the form of cash coupon are ineligible for VANA Point.
  11. Membership levels are upgraded on the following calendar day upon reaching of respective threshold of different tiers.
  12. Customers using Guest Checkout will not be able to enjoy benefits of VANA Reward Club.
  13. VANA Reward Club loyalty program is run by Stylevana and only applicable at
  14. Stylevana reserves the right to terminate, discontinue, modify, or cancel the VANA Reward Club loyalty program at any time and in its sole discretion without notice.
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