When the cold weather is upon us, wearing dresses that are both flattering and without giving into the cold is no easy feat. To keep cozy in this season, layering is the key. You can either layer on top or give the bottom some thoughts. However, when putting on that many layers, things can get frumpier than intended. To avoid looking like a bear, here are 6 handy styles to make sure you wear dresses properly this season.

Turtleneck x Pinafore dress

Lookbook Credit: @tanukidi

The pinafore dress has been such a hit in summer, but is rarely worn alone in winter. Still can’t get enough of it? Why not pair it with a flattering wardrobe basic we all need this season? Turtlenecks. They are not only your ultimate winter warmer, but can also provide you a cold-weather chic style. You can rely on turtlenecks styled beneath a pinafore dress to complete a polished, pulled-together look.

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Tights x Sweater Dress

Lookbook Credit: @classycleanchic

If you have tried on sweater dresses before, you’ll know why they are many people’s favorite fashion pieces during fall and winter seasons. They are comfortable to wear, exuding an elegant but chill vibe that makes them easy to either dress up or dress down for different occasions. To keep cozy and layer without looking bulky this winter, make sure you own a good pair of tights or leggings. The easiest way to look great in tights is to go with all black or winter colors.

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Sweater x Floral Floaty Maxi

Lookbook Credit: @lazzzysundaze

You don’t have to store your floral maxi dresses just yet, as there is an easy outfit formula that appears brainlessly stylish for Fall Winter. Throw your favorite sweater on top so you’ll see the true seductive power of a maxi dress pulled up and gathered about the knee as you sit down and cross your legs. This is a comfy number you’ll enjoy dressing for parties with friends or Christmas shopping!

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Cardigan x Midi Dress

Lookbook Credit: @classycleanchic

There is no better choice than a slim-fitting cardigan to wear over your summer midi dress when you want to keep your arms warm without losing the feminine, elegant vibe. This effortless look has been shown on K-pop stars Jennie Kim and many fashion influencers’ Instagram. It’s great for both a casual day out or a smart casual, fun office look this fall.

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Long Coat x Midi Dress

Lookbook Credit: @bluepanda88

Not a fan of cardigans? No worries, there are many long coats to choose for a perfect outfit this winter. While you’re showing off quite a lot of leg with a midi dress , you’ll need a long coat that speaks to the colder weather and adds another layer of warmth. There, who said you can’t be cozy with a midi dress?!

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Color-Coordinated Jacket x Spaghetti Strap Dress

Lookbook Credit: @petitenstylin

Instead of storing away your spaghetti strap dresses until the next season, style them with furry jackets. Whether you choose a neutral-colored jacket or a brighter color, your spaghetti strap dress will take on new life with this winter styling hack.

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How will you mix and match with your dress this winter? Which of the above outfits would you try?

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