We love the holidays here at Stylevana (To be honest, who doesn’t?) However, the holidays can be a very stressful time. Let's real-talk about your holiday shopping for a second. While we know you are struggling with what everyone’s dream gifts are (your mother who longs for some anti-aging products, your sister who prefers some vibrant shades from 3CE, and your BFF who would give anything for a potent hydration set that will rescue her dry skin in Fall Winter), we’ve gone ahead and round up some Gift Sets that are sure to impress.

Read on to find out what we’ll recommend gifting those we love this year.

For Brand Lovers & Explorers

We’ve all got that one K-beauty brand that we totally fangirl over: You stockpile it, worship it, and make eloquent comments and reviews about its magical powers. For the holiday season, we’ve come with some alternative expression of love to our favorite K-Beauty brands (we are talking about some of the Best Seller and Starter beauty sets).

TONYMOLY offers three gift sets for their fans to celebrate the Holiday season and their love for the brand. The 2019 Christmas Snail Mask Set, stated in its name, features a range of snail mucin-formulated sheet masks to give you clearer, brighter skin. The 2019 Christmas Holiday Edition Green Tea Kit comprises all the green tea-formulated holy grail for a calm, ‘Chok Chok’ result. The 2019 Christmas I’m Hand Cream Trio, needless to say, has three pleasantly scented hand creams — a perfect trio to be shared with friends and families.

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TONYMOLY - 2019 Christmas Snail Mask Set
TONYMOLY - 2019 Christmas Holiday Edition Green Tea Kit

If you happen to be an innisfree lover, you should definitely consider our carefully curated innisfree Best Seller Set - Jungle Green, which features the coveted My Real Squeeze Mask Ex, No Sebum Mineral Powder, and Bija Trouble Facial Foam for perfect skin. If you are looking for makeup, you can’t miss the 3CE Starter Set - Burnt Sienna, which comprises three eyeshadow palettes to let your creativity and artistry run free.

For Party Goers

Got a party animal on your list? Consider the Holiday Mood Set - Carnation Pink and From Day to Night Set - Desert Sand, an all-in-one assortment catering to any occasion. Party goers know the trending Euphoria-inspired makeup looks aren’t for the faint of heart. In case you haven’t heard, Euphoria is HBO’s latest teen drama renowned for its surreal eye makeup looks. But with the right products, the vibrant makeup is so worth it.

The Holiday Mood Set features the MISSHA Glow Skin Balm and COSRX Blemish Cover Cushion to create a flawless base, and an eyeshadow palette, blush, and lipstick from coveted Korean makeup brand 3CE to lend your look just the right amount of pigments. The From Day to Night Set, as its name infers, has all the essentials you need to party all-day, all-night. MISSHA’s BB cream, 16brand’s contour, and Tonymoly’s brow pencil work together to sculpt the perfect definition, and the Tonymoly Delight Tony Tint draws the perfect final touch — a rouge pout.

Wish the party had lasted longer, don’t you? Like all good things, parties have come to an end. But don’t call it a day there. Remember to take care of your skin and restore your skin back to full health with the After Party Set - Royal Purple.

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 Holiday Mood Set - Carnation Pink
 From Day to Night Set - Desert Sand

For TLC Holidays

Nothing says the holidays like spending quality time to relax and practice self-care, and our preferred way is to pamper from head to toe. Snap up a couple of the Great Skin Set - Aquamarine and Regimen Set - Unmellow Yellow, get a festive playlist going, and may be having an old-fashioned, cozy sleepover with your besties.

The Great Skin Set features sheet masks from TONYMOLY, a nourishing snail moisturizer from COSRX, and some of our favorites to take care your lips, hands, and body. The Regimen Set has some incredible K-beauty products, like the MISSHA Glow Skin Balm and NATURE REPUBLIC’s aloe vera gel, and Stylevana Team’s holy grail, the LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask (Lavender) and Lip Sleeping Mask (Berry). Not only will you have some fun time with your friends, but you’ll also wake up with glowing skin!

The Mask Buffet Set - Shamrock and Lip Care Set - Neon Carrot are also great options for your sister, brother, best friends, and don’t forget yourself.

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 Great Skin Set - Aquamarine
 Regimen Set - Unmellow Yellow

For Festive Surprises

With all the different gift sets of every variety inundating our desks, there’s something for everyone, no matter their style or beauty preference. That being said, if you’re someone who loves to surprise your loved one with all sorts of excitement, then our Mashup Sets could be an exciting option for you to splurge (or save on) this Holiday season, and some of which are our most beloved products from different brands.

As you may be aware by now, our Gift Sets are differentiated by vibrant color names to mark the celebratory spirit of the Holiday season; the Mashup Sets are Apricot, Lavender, and Goldenrod. Each set comprises something to keep you warm and pamper your skin. The Mashup Set – Apricot includes the snail cream from COSRX, BTS BT21 Face Point Mask from Mediheal, and Lip Sleeping Masks from LANEIGE. The Mashup Set – Lavender features a cleanser, moisturizer, lip blam, and body lotion, catering to all your skin care needs for Fall Winter.

Should a quirky festive touch desired, don’t miss out the Mashup Set – Goldenrod; nothing is better than a pair of Christmas Tree Fleece Socks to match with your Xmas ugly sweater.

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 Mashup Set - Apricot
 Mashup Set - Lavender
TONYMOLY - 2019 Christmas I'm Hand Cream Trio

Explore all the Value Sets and Holiday Gift Sets that are sure to make the heart of any beauty-obsessed person on your list beat a little faster — ours certainly are.