Just because the temperature drops, doesn’t mean it’s time to put away your steez and find yourself wanting to just throw on an oversized coat over everything and call it a day. While it may seem like a daunting task that could leave you walking down the street with the same pile of clothes sitting on the chair in your bedroom, the Art of Layering is not as hard as it looks; playing on lengths, texture, and volume would be some of the keys to master the game of accumulation.

Don’t worry, we are here to assist you with this tricky task and here’s how to pile on the layers right.

1. Layer a coat over a cardigan

kimehwa worn a coat over a cardigan

Lookbook credit @kimehwa

Cardigans and coats are common staples to Fall Winter styling. No one is forcing you to pick which one you love more, so why not both? This combo adds a layer of warmth but can also be used to incorporate texture and color into chilly weather-combating outfit. Pair tonal cardigans with long coats to create tonal depth or clash contrasting cardigans and coats for an eye-catching effect.

2. Double up your knitwear

kimehwa layered a cardigan over a cardigan

Lookbook credit @kimehwa

This season, instead of letting the timelessness of knit pieces take the centerstage of your overall look, we challenge you to double them up — doubling the style and doubling the warmth. Put this trick to good use to play up colors, patterns, and interesting silhouettes: cable on rib, plain on argyle, camel on navy, longline on cropped, and many more combinations waiting to be explored.

3. Try the preppy shoulder knot

kimehwa knotted a sweater over her shoulder

Lookbook credit @kimehwa

Looping a sweater around your shoulders may be an old preppy styling trick, which may almost sound like a grandpa style, but it’s also one of Girls’ Generation Yoona’s favorite way to layer up knitwear. Knot a jumper over a T-shirt, dress, or button-down to ground a fancy counterpart, to uplift your look with a contrast pattern, or to introduce texture to your style; the choice is yours.

4. Layer hoodies over a T-shirt

kimehwa layered a hoodie over a T-shirt

Lookbook credit @kimehwa

As we’re all trumpeting the comfort and versatility of hoodies, don’t get us wrong and think that wearing one is nothing close to trendy and stylish. When styled as part of a layered look, hoodies can be the key to champion a street look. Be it oversized or slogan-printed, hoodies make a great layering piece over a T-shirt for a day in the city. For colder days, wear a hoodie over a simple crew neck T-shirt, then add an overcoat or jacket for extra warmth.

5. A turtleneck will work under almost everything

kimehwa layered a turtleneck under a camisole dress

Lookbook credit @kimehwa

The turtleneck season is officially upon us, which means it will become our second skin, because whether ribbed, plain, or printed, this garment is a staple for layering in all of our fall and winter outfits. It goes perfectly under your button-downs, (summer) dresses, hoodies, and knitwear. Plus, it can also add a subtle colourblocked effect to your outfits if you opt for a contrast one. Not to mention, its extra warmth is always welcome.

6. Don’t be scared of mixing textures

kimehwa worn a jacket over a cardigan

Lookbook credit @kimehwa

If you are feeling not confident with clashing colors for your Fall Winter styling, you can work tonal shades with layers of different textures and fabrics that add depth and dimension to your look. The lengths don’t need to match and the textures should be totally different. Try mixing heavier and softer textures, like denim, gabardine, and melton with knit, flannel, and French terry; a trench over a cardigan or a (faux) leather jacket beneath a blazer will do the trick.

7. Accessorize with scarves

kimehwa posing against a graffiti wall with checked scarf draping around her neck

Lookbook credit @kimehwa

And (of course) don’t forget the power of accessorizing to pull your look together. Take cue from the grandparent trends and go for a cozy scarf. Wrap up in a plain scarf when the days call for a slicker approach, go preppy with a checked iteration, or knot a clashing one around your neck for a statement look. A chic scarf can be worn in any scenario — throw it on as an added layer to keep you warm during transit or style it with a casual outfit to run errands./p>

8. Step up the game with socks

kimehwa worn orange socks to match with her hairband and sneakers

Lookbook credit @kimehwa

If we’re being honest, we have to confess socks are truly the unsung hero when it comes to Fall Winter accessories. Not only are socks the practical accessories to keep you from getting ‘cold feet’, they’re seriously the most subtle detail to bring a pop of vibrancy (confidence) to your outfit. The plain ones will simply make your favorite pair of flats or sneakers comfortable; the colorful iterations will give your ensemble a perfect highlight, and don’t forget the sportier styles, which will easily reign over the street. Trust us: these are one practical accessory, wherever you go.

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