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Hery - NKB Zero - Lotion - 120ml


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Usage: Day, Night
Product Type: Lotions & Emulsion
Skin Concern: Acne, Dryness/ Hydration, Oil Control/ Pores
Skin Type: Combination, Dry, Normal, Oily, Sensitive
1. Tap the water method: After cleansing, take a proper amount of massage to the entire face to absorb, and hydrate the layers to shoot.
2. Wiping the soft method: Infiltrate into the cotton pad and evenly wipe the entire face to promote absorption and transparency.
3. Water film wet dressing method: Water film paper, thick 5~10 minutes, repair damaged skin, good skin after application.



- Drenched with moisture
Using the patented formula of the Le Dun family, it creates a lotion that is both oil-controlling and moisturizing. It is easy to wear and make it more docile.

- Deep hydration, oil control, acne
Dry skin is the most important cause of acne, and NKB's exclusive formula keeps skin hydrated.

- Made in Japan
Safe and no-additive formula ensures that all sensitive skin can be used with confidence.
Most acne products are low-stimulation or micro-stimulation. NKB ZERO has been tested by Japanese and Chinese authorities. It is non-irritating, meaning that pregnant women and children can use it with confidence.

Main ingredient:
*Water-decomposing eggshell membrane cell repair
It uses a high-grade water-decomposing eggshell membrane, which has excellent wound healing and moisturizing effect, and a thin eggshell membrane inside the eggshell.
It is rich in mountain type collagen. After being processed into water-soluble, it is easier to absorb the skin, supplement small collagen, give vitality to the cells, and make the skin smooth like a baby's muscles.

*Evening Primrose Extract Antioxidant
Evening primrose with a very high phenolic content goes far beyond other plants.
It inhibits bacterial growth, anti-oxidation and anti-aging, and has a good ability to eliminate superoxide radicals.
Rich polyphenols effectively regulate skin balance and whitening effect.
Pure natural plant extracts are more beneficial to skin health.

*Pearl protein extract, transparent
The pearl protein extract from deep sea shells has a skin affinity and a moisturizing effect.
Excellent skin permeability, enhancing the antioxidant and anti-aging properties of other active ingredients;
There is evidence that seashell hard protein hydrolysates from the ocean can significantly inhibit skin allergies.

Glycyrrhizic acid [Whitening] ceramide [Locking water] licorice extract [Repair] bilberry leaf extract [Whitening]
Japanese Pomelo Extract [Anti-Aging] Hydrolysis of Hyaluronic Acid [Moisturizing] Dog's Teeth Extract [Promoting Metabolism]


Usage: Day, Night
Product Type: Lotions & Emulsion
Skin Concern: Acne, Dryness/ Hydration, Oil Control/ Pores
Skin Type: Combination, Dry, Normal, Oily, Sensitive




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