Top 10 Love-At-First-Try Beauty Crushes Our Favorite Influencers Swear By

Quick question: Out of all the makeup and skin care products from Stylevana’s growing collection, which one is your favorite pick? Hard to choose, right? That’s why today we’re giving you the inside scoop of all the Stylevana beauty hits that have been tried and LOVED by our favorite beauty influencers, including K Beauty crushes ranging from most-loved cleansers, toners, to foundation and eyeshadow palette. Ready to refresh your beauty closet with Stylevana influencers’ favorites yet?


Most-Loved Moisturizer by Beauty Influencers

iUNIK - Centella Calming Gel Cream

“This is so lightweight and you can definitely tell that it’s serving the function as a moisturizer, which is putting a protective barrier across your face to make sure you don’t lose any moisture or hydration.”

— Credit to @skincarebyharm  from Hawaii (Featured product: iUNIK’s Centella Calming Gel Cream)

One of our favorite beauty influencers Hyram, who has 2.9 million subscribers on his Youtube Channel, has his eyes on iUNIK’s Centella Calming Gel Cream and we’re not surprised. As a plant-based skin care lover, Hyram spoke highly of this iUNIK moisturizer which features his (and many people’s) favorite natural ingredient — centella asiatica.

This Korean skin care product is super lightweight yet still has the capacity to form a great moisturizing and protective barrier for your skin, making it the perfect candidate for people who have oily skin type. Feel like switching up your skin care routine this summer to keep your oily skin in check? Give this K Beauty skin care product a go because in Hyram we always trust.

Most-Loved Cleansing Balm by Beauty Influencers

heimish - All Clean Balm

“ It’s like a magical melting cloud concoction and I love this stuff… If you’re looking to rub a fluffy, melting cloud that is made in Korea onto your beautiful cheeks, this is what you’d want to use to do it.”

— Credit to @cassandrabankson  from San Francisco, California (Featured product: heimish’s All Clean Balm)

Haven’t tried a cleansing balm that feels like “a magical melting cloud” before? Now you know where to find one! The hype-worthy heimish All Clean Balm has been on a lot of beauty influencers’ skin care radar since its launch, and we’re happy to see that the gorgeous Cassandra Bankson is also a fan of this Korean skin care product.

With over 1.17 million subscribers on her Youtube Channel, Cassandra credits this heimish All Clean Balm to be one of her trusted skin care favorites because 1) it’s cruelty-free, and 2) glow-skin guaranteed. This heimish All Clean Balm will evolve into an oil-like solution that melts into your pore to break down and emulsify your makeup and dirt. It literally feels like lifting the weight of the day off your face.

Most-Loved Clay Mask by Beauty Influencers

Isntree - Real Mugwort Clay Mask

Stylevana - Vana Blog - Beauty Influencers - Kelly Driscoll Youtube - Isntree - Real Mugwort Clay Mask

“This mask is such a pick-me-up for the skin as it sucks out all the impurities effectively and leaves my skin visibly clearer and healthier.”

— Credit to @kelldris  (Featured product: Isntree’s Real Mugwort Clay Mask )

An avid K Beauty lover, Kelly Driscoll has tried and LOVED Isntree’s Real Mugwort Clay Mask and we all know why. The beauty influencer reveals the before-and-after transformation from this Korean skin care product, which does wonder for brightening and removing dead skin cells to achieve the ultimate glowing skin.

Most-Loved Toner by Beauty Influencers

Benton - Snail Bee High Content Skin

Stylevana - Vana Blog - Beauty Influencers - James Welsh Youtube - Benton - Snail Bee High Content Skin

“We have all the old favorites in this toner like glycerin, hyaluronic acid, butylene glycol, allantoin… And as you use this thicker toner, you can instantly see your skin glow, and look plumper, firmer, and a lot more hydrated.”

— Credit to @james_s_welsh  from Hampshire, UK (Featured product: Benton’s Snail Bee High Content Skin)

It’s not a complete K Beauty skin care routine without a good, luscious toner to spoil your skin with. That’s why Benton’s Snail Bee High Content Skin has become one of James Welsh’s trusted favorites (and soon to be yours too).

James shares with all his 847K subscribers on Youtube that this Benton toner has all the fancy ingredients that help achieve the dewy plump skin complexion that we ask for. Niacinamide, for one, is a water-soluble vitamin found in this toner that works wonders to minimize your enlarged pores and brings a more even complexion to your face.

Most-Loved Serum by Beauty Influencers

9wishes - Hydra Skin Ampule Serum

“ I was really curious about this serum because the hydrating ingredient in this is something you’d come across a lot which is coconut water, and when I see this as the star ingredient in this, I LOVE it.”

— Credit to @kelldris  (Featured product: 9wishes’ Hydra Skin Ampule Serum)

If you’re a proud skincare addict like our beauty influencer Kelly Driscoll, you might want to up your ante for your serum game. This 9wishes Hydra Skin Ampule Serum is the best summer beauty product your dry skin ever needs. Packed with star ingredient coconut water, hyaluronic acid and baobab seed extract, this supercharged K Beauty serum instantly replenishes your dry skin with intense hydration, as well as omega fatty acids for anti-aging benefits as well.


Most-Loved Eye Glitter by Beauty Influencers

MACQUEEN - Jewel-Poten Eye Glitter Liner

 Stylevana - Vana Blog - Beauty Influencers - Instagram - MACQUEEN - Jewel-Poten Eye Glitter Liner

“Glittering gold ✨ Thanks to @stylevana_sv who showed me the most amazing products from MACQUEEN.”

— Credit to @hayleynoellexo  from British Columbia, Canada (Featured product: MACQUEEN’s Jewel-Poten Eye Glitter Liner)

If you have been following our updates on summer beauty trends in 2020, then shimmers and glitters are definitely on your radar. Learn from our Vana girl Haley from Canada and her scene-stealing eye look, using MACQUEEN’s Jewel-Poten Eye Glitter Liner to create that extra drama with bold shimmers. Pro tip: Take the chance to try some liquid shadows to get the long-lasting shine that will glimmer all day into all night.

Most-Loved Lip Tint Balm by Beauty Influencers

3CE - Heart Pot Lip Balm

“It has a very nice texture, super smooth AND it’s tinted! The color is super natural too.”

— Credit to @eh_la_inie  (Featured product: 3CE’s Heart Pot Lip Balm)

As if lip balms aren’t already the best lip treat ever, 3CE adds a tinted formula to make the buzzworthy (and super Instagrammable) Heart Pot Lip Balm. Our VANA babe Elaine Oh definitely had a crush-worthy moment when she tried this cutie for the first time. Perfect for a natural everyday look, this 3CE’s Heart Pot Lip Balm is definitely a love-at-first-try beauty crush you need to get this summer!

Most-Loved Cushion Foundation by Beauty Influencers

MEMEBOX - Everlasting Cushion Foundation

“ I tested out this foundation for 2 or 3 days, adn this foundation doesn’t smudge during the day but leaves a nice glow and blurs your pores too! I really like it!”

— Credit to @dear.chriss  (Featured product: MEMEBOX - Everlasting Cushion Foundation)

Our beauty influencer Dear Chriss likes a natural looking foundation, and honestly so do we. He loves how this MEMEBOX Everlasting Cushion Foundation delivers the most sheer, natural-looking coverage to your skin, which is absolutely perfect for daily makeup. Not to mention this love-at-first-try cushion foundation also features SPF 50 and pollution protection so your skin can look flawless under the sun all day long.

Most-Loved Eyeliner by Beauty Influencers

MACQUEEN - Waterproof Pen Eyeliner

Stylevana - Vana Blog - Beauty Influencers - Tosin Ojo Instagram - MACQUEEN - Waterproof Pen Eyeliner

“This MACQUEEN pen eyeliner is definitely one of my soft-glam essentials this season. So chic, so refined, and it makes my eyes look extra mesmerizing.”

— Credit to @tosinojo_stylist  from Manchester, UK (Featured product: MACQUEEN - Waterproof Pen Eyeliner)

Be it soft-glam or a full-on party glam, you can’t go wrong with MACQUEEN’s Waterproof Pen Eyeliner — case in point: our VANA babe Tosin from Manchester perfecting her oh-so-stunning eye makeup using this K Beauty crush. This MACQUEEN eyeliner. This has a fine-tipped, easy-to-control design to help you create a defined eye line in smooth strokes. Did we mention it’s smudge-proof as well? Well, now you know!

Most-Loved Eyeshadow Palette by Beauty Influencers

moonshot - Honey Coverlet Eyeshadow Palette

“ Simple yet efficient makeup from this GORGEOUS little palette by moonshot.”

— Credit to @mangozzle  from Canada (Featured product: moonshot’s Honey Coverlet Eyeshadow Palette)

Besides the fact that the moonshot Honey Coverlet Eyeshadow Palette is designed by one of our favorite Korean actresses Yoo In-na, another reason to be obsessed with this K Beauty makeup palette is its super travel-friendly compact case. If you’re a fan of mini palettes like our beauty influencer Mangozzle, this moonshot eyeshadow palette will instantly become your love-at-first-try because it comes with not one, not five, but TEN lusciously buttery, soft shades in both pearl and matte finishes. Obsessed already? We feel you.

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