Apink’s Best 2020 Spring Summer Makeup ‘LOOK’

Apink is finally making their comeback today with their 9th mini album LOOK. Ever since they updated their header image earlier on their official Twitter, I can’t stop crushing over their new looks, hinting at an energetic, spring-y feel by having the members sitting among blooming flowers. Something about the warm sun and the liveliness of spring make us eager to try out some new beauty trends. We take notes from Apink’s teaser makeup ‘look’ to show you the best eye and lip trends for Spring Summer 2020.

1. Bomi’s Coral Pink Eyes & Lips

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Apink Bomi LOOK Mini Album Comeback 2020 Makeup

As the weather becomes warmer and warmer, we gravitate from Fall Winter-appropriate neutral shades toward vivid Spring Summer coral pink. (We know, long live the Pantone color, Living Coral!) Donning an almost Bohemian style with wavy braids, Bomi dipped into various pans of coral shades to turn her lids and lips into a matching combo with stunning eye shadow and lipsticks. The key to this coral pink makeup look is to ensure the pigments are as bright and concentrated as possible and, of course, the best part is that no blending skill is needed. You can’t deny that this easy spring look is music to our ears.

Shop Bomi’s swoon-worthy makeup combo:

3CE - Velvet Lip Tint MEMEBOX - I'M MEME I'm Tic Toc Lip Tint Cashmere peripera - Ink Fitting Shadow MACQUEEN - Jewel Prism Jelly Balm Shadow - 2G

2. Chorong’s Wet Look Lips

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Apink Chorong LOOK Mini Album Comeback 2020 Makeup

Muted matte lips have been dominating the makeup trends for quite a while and they are not going anywhere but this Spring Summer the gloss is slowly finding its way back. The gloss seems ready to make a statement again this season with its matte counterpart to create a new ‘wet look’ trend — not your hair but your lips this time. Chorong wore a vibrant coral matte shade as the base and top it off with a matching shiny gloss to create that shimmering but not sloppy result — a secret to make your gloss stay put.

Recreate Chorong’s wet look lips with shiny lip gloss:

MACQUEEN - Serum Tint - 10Ml Tonymoly - Petite Bunny Gloss Bar LABIOTTE - Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint (Velvet) - 7g Etude House - Dear Darling Water Gel Tint

3. Eunji’s Embellished Eyes

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Apink Eunji LOOK Mini Album Comeback 2020 Makeup

With the help of Euphoria, many creative beauty looks have made their way to the mainstream stage since last year and the idea of more is more has made a strong impact on how we experiment with makeup. For Eunji’s eye look, she overlapped coral eyeshadow with winged eyeliner and intensified eyelashes, and her eyes take off with a final touch of glitz and shimmer. And If these weren’t enough for that special occasion, you might as well start with a holographic shade to create intense shimmer payoff.

Shimmer your way through spring like Eunji:

 3CE - Sparkling Liquid Pigment  LABIOTTE - Chateau Wine Eye Glitter - 9g  CLIO - Prism Air Shadow Sparkling  MISSHA - Modern Shadow (Glitter)

4. Namjoo’s Doe-Eyed Look

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Apink Namjoo LOOK Mini Album Comeback 2020 Makeup

Eyes are the window to the soul and everyone (at least in the Stylevana team) wants to have big, doe-eyed souls. This Spring Summer we would like our eyes to be our whole look, not only a touch of drama to accentuate. For Namjoo’s iteration, she affixed strips of falsies along the roots of her lashes (as usual), followed with the kohl eyeliner running along the lash line and taking off at the outer corner of her eye for a rounded, amplified effect. If you want to further boost up your look, you can also go for bottom lashes.

Steal Namjoo’s doe-eyed look with these eye candies:

 MACQUEEN - Waterproof Gel Eyeliner  Etude House - Oh M' Eye Line  MISSHA - Secret Lash  Koji - Dolly Wink Eyelash No.32 Soft Glamorous

‘LOOK’ no further! Check out the eyeshadows and lip products at Stylevana and experiment with Apink-approved Spring Summer makeup trends while we’re all waiting for the group to drop their new music! Shop the latest K-Beauty Brands Deal and SAVE 10% OFF on MACQUEEN, CLIO, and 3CE to get the perfect makeup combo! Don’t miss out on A’PIEU and LABIOTTE for more awesome deals! Looking for more spring/summer looks? Check out (G)IDLE’s beauty guide for more skincare and makeup inspirations!