what is it? A calming and hydrating two in one essence/toner with a focus on ginseng extract and 2% niacinamide. Key ingredients Panax ginseng root water (80%), glycerin,niacinamide (2%), panthenol, a... what is it?A calming and hydrating two in oneessence/toner with a focus on ginsengextract and 2% niacinamide.Key ingredientsPanax ginseng root water (80%), glycerin,niacinamide (2%), panthenol, allantoin,adenosine (0,04%), ginseng extracts (callus culture, root and berry), panax ginseng root ferment , sodium hyaluronateTextureIt has light watery texture with amber color. The bottle has a clear, simple and minimalist design.Size: 150mlclaims-A fresh, nourishing toner enriched withGinseng ingredients for smoother and revitalized skin.It helps to regulate oil production and smooth texture.My thoughts :The lightweight watery consistencyabsorbs into the skin very quickly. I find it really refreshing and hydrating, specially during the summer.Besides ginseng and niacinamide it has some really nice ingredients such as glycerin and panthenol that help moisturize and soothe the skin .Ginseng is a very valuable root andproducts with this ingredient usually come with a higher price tag. Overall, I think this is a great essence for balanced to dry skin and has amazing benefits, at an affordable price.Here are some of the benefrts:-reduces puffiness-plumps, frms and diminishes fine lines.-boosts collagen production in the skin-improves blood circulation-maintains skin vitalityPETITFEE - Gold & Snail Hydrogel EyePatch has slime extract to increaseelasticity and provide moisture to areas in need. The gel patch are so soothing to my eyes. I placed one patch under each eye and I can see it working right away, As the essences absorbs into my skin, I can feel the gel patch drying up and my skin tightening. I love that this brightens my tired eyes.Thanks to @stylevana_svFor sending this vana box