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STYLEVANA's operation to COVID-19

STYLEVANA safety measures of operation from COVID-19
Please kindly find the information below in regards to the COVID-19 issue. We are closely monitoring and adjusting our business operations to ensure we can continue our products and services to our customers.


Due to the impacts from the current COVID-19 situation, delivery times of your orders may be affected. Please click HERE to see the official service update from Royal Mail to learn more.

 How are we protect ourselves from COVID-19 at our office and warehouse?


  • All employees will have their temperature checked before starting of work
  • Surgical masks must be worn at all times, disinfectant gels are also provided
  • Self-Quarantine measures are in place for employees (return from overseas, close contact, etc.)
  • All shipments will have disinfection taken place before shipping out


Will I catch COVID-19 from a package delivered to me?

  • The World Health Organization (WHO) asserts that the risk of catching COVID-19 from a shipped package is low
  • There are no recorded cases of COVID-19 being spread through mail or courier services
  • COVID-19 primary spreading is through close personal contact
  • The virus should not survive in external environments for a long period of time
  • Please visit WHO website for further information


Delays in regards to shipments under COVID-19 issue

  • There maybe delivery delays up to 7 business days as many courier services are having limited service only
  • Many countries already have priorities on medical supplies, and commercial shipments may be handled in a lower priority or temporary suspension
  • We are closely working with our courier partners to reduce the delays as much as possible
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