How to Dress Like a K-pop Idol for the Sweater Season

Ever since the term “Sweater Season” became so hashtag-worthy on Instagram, sweaters are no longer just a staple piece for a lazy fit. If you put in some time and effort, you can easily turn a lazy look into the best casual-chic ensemble ever. Besides, sweaters are actually a lot more versatile than you think. Turtleneck, round-neck, oversized, hoodie… you name it. But the question is: how to stand out in a crowd of #SweaterSeason posts without being, you know, basic? Easy. Sprinkle your everyday sweater look with these styling tips from our favorite K-pop fashion icons, and you’ll be set for all the #SweaterSeasons to come!

Sana's Goddess-Chic

The Midi Skirt

Who says you can’t be a goddess with all the thick layers and oversized sweaters? TWICE’s Sana just proves that you can easily elevate the whole sweater look with something as simple as a white midi skirt.

Instead of pairing your oversized sweater with skinny jeans, you can slip a midi skirt underneath, like Sana did, to amplify that cozy and comfy appeal for the snuggle season. It’s also a nice way to elongate your flattering silhouette without weighing down the whole look.

Pro tip: you should go for a nude tone color scheme, like white and beige, to keep your goddess-chic ensemble airy and elegant.

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Somi's Girly-Chic

The Mini Skirt

Sometimes all it takes is a mini skirt to transform a lazy sweater outfit into a cute date-night ensemble.

Sweater and mini skirt combo is perfect for those who have a petite physique, like Somi. See how her innocent, playful allure is instantly enlivened by the pleated mini skirt, which also adds a refreshing touch to a comfy, wintry sweater look.

Not only does it exude a feminine tone, a mini skirt lends a youthful and girly uplift to the overall sweater edit. Just layer the sweater over, or tuck it all in to accentuate your waistline like Somi did with hers. 

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Lisa's Urban-Chic

The French Tuck

If you’re a fan of Netflix’s Queer Eye, the French tuck should come easy for you. So famously taught by Tan France who is the fashion expert on the show, this styling technique works for basically any type of sweaters, especially knit sweaters.

The trick is to tuck a small part of the front of your sweater into your jeans like Lisa did, and leave the rest of it out to make it look nice and loose.

That’s how you create that effortless, urban-chic look like Lisa did with her pink knit sweater and high-waisted jeans.

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Nayeon's Casual-Chic

The V-neck Sweater

V-neck sweater has been on the rise lately. But not many people know that there are actually many ways to style it.

For example, you can wear it off-shoulder to complement your décolletage or neckline, or slip a cami top underneath to mimic a cut-out shoulder top, like Nayeon from TWICE. Trust me, this stunning, head-turning style is so easy to master.

The hack is to choose a cami top that is one shade lighter than the sweater on top to make the bi-layer subtle for a complete casual-chic look.

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Jennie's Classy-Chic

The Sweater Dress

Styling a sweater dress can be tricky because it’s all about making your figure look well-proportioned without trying too hard.

This seems to be Jennie’s forte because her minimalistic style always looks so on-point and effortless. Look at the way she accessorizes her sweater dress by simply layering a long coat atop and carries it with such class and confidence. What makes Jennie's whole ensemble look more streamlined and well-framed is her “less is more” philosophy.

Always treat the sweater dress as the statement piece and accessorize around it with one or two layering pieces for a refined, sophisticated look.

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