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‘Kundal’ is a compound word of ‘kunst’ and ‘kindal’. ‘Kunst’ means art, skill, and professionality and ‘Kindal’ means macadamia from nature. 'Kundal' is a natural personal care brand, as the name suggests. Beauty and fragrance are sought from nature. They provide environmentally friendly personal care products that are popular with everyone and can be found in any home. Beyond a bottle that captures nature's essence, Kundal wants to make a lasting impression. “Spend Less on Things, Spend More on Life” KUNDAL's primary idea is to ensure that their goods are manufactured with safe and natural components, but that they are also affordable to everyone by removing superfluous retail costs. KUNDAL DERMA exclusively aims to care about the fundamental substance of the skin by developing original ingredients through countless analyses and experiments. Explore more Kundal’s products here in Stylevana!

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