#VANAChatroom: How Make P:rem Becomes the Best Sensitive Skin Remedies for Skinimalists

Irritated, sensitive skin with a case of rescue-needed acne breakout? This looks like a job for make p:rem and its team of effective, sensitive skin-friendly skincare solutions. Among all the "clean beauty" Korean skincare brands, make p:rem is one of the rare ones that'll make a skinimalist (skincare minimalist) go heart-eyes, or even turn YOU into one just because it has the natural appeal of a "less is more" skincare ethic. So before you trade your heavy-lifting routine for a stripped-down, simplistic remedy (which you will after getting to know make p:rem's amazing philosophy), we've chatted with Mr. Youngmin Kim, the CEO of make p:rem, who has so kindly shared with us everything we didn't know but need to know about this cult-favorite Korean skincare brand.

Guest of the Day

make prem

Mr. Youngmin Kim, CEO of make p:rem

The Story of Make P:rem

Jobie: Hi Mr. Kim, thanks for taking the time to join our VANA Chatroom. Could you walk us through how make p:rem was created in the first place?

Mr. Kim: make p:rem is a pragmatist beauty brand that puts pragmatism, good ingredients, and sustainability into classy packaging. Amid constant controversy over the harmfulness of cosmetic ingredients, we wanted to create a product that sticks to the basics and can be used without worries. make p:rem produces skincare products for everyone under strict formulations using EWG Green Grade, low-irritant ingredients, Vegan Certification, fragrance-free, etc.

make p:rem - Safe me. Relief Moisture Cream 12

make prem Safe me Relief Moisture Cream

Courtesy of Korean Skincare Brand - make p:rem

Jobie: What is the beauty philosophy or brand motto of make p:rem?

Kim: make p:rem pursues pragmatic beauty based on the core values of cosmetics. As a brand name created by combining ‘make,’ ‘pragmatism,’ and ‘remedy,’ make p:rem is pragmatic beauty that considers users with low-irritant skincare made with selected ingredients that can be used by all skin types. make p:rem is also making a conscious effort in being eco-friendly. For example, we use paper-based buffer and tape that is made with eco-friendly materials.

make p:rem - Hydrate me. Micro tension cream

make prem Hydrate me Micro tension cream

Courtesy of Korean Skincare Brand - make p:rem

Jobie: What is the image you would like consumers to have of make p:rem in their first encounter?

Kim: I want them to think of make p:rem as their best skin friend, or a daily skincare brand that can be used without worries. We are making skincare products that minimize the use of harmful ingredients and maximize the effectiveness of low-irritant ingredients. make p:rem will continue to take the lead in clean beauty and present the right to use safe skincare to as many people as possible.

The Products of Make P:rem

Jobie: 4. Is it difficult for a product to be innovative while maintaining a minimal ingredient list that contains only essential ingredients?

Kim: In general, various ingredients need to be mixed to create innovative products. In other words, if the amount of raw materials used is reduced, it is difficult to create various textures and develop innovative formulations while using minimal ingredients.

Jobie: So what is the most important ingredient or feature in make p:rem products that customers should know?

Kim: The most important point of make p:rem products is that they make the skin comfortable with only the essential ingredients. Only EWG Green Grade ingredients suitable to the products’ concept and effectiveness are used, rather than using the same ingredients to all products. For instance, the Relief Watery Line contains cactus ingredients that provide a sense of moisture when first applied, eliminating unnecessary ingredients.

make p:rem - Safe me. Relief Watery Cream

make prem safe me relief watery cream

Courtesy of Korean Skincare Brand - make p:rem

Jobie: Why do you think ‘sensitive skin’ is the target skin concern for most make p:rem products?

Kim: Customers with sensitive skin have various skin concerns. They suffer from skin troubles that are easily stimulated by internal and external stress such as dryness, acne, dark spots, redness, etc. make p:rem develops products under the belief that making products for such customers is ‘pragmatic beauty’. That is why make p:rem is more sensitive to cosmetic ingredients and actively tries to care for all skin types.

make p:rem - Poncirus Trifoliata C Dark Spot Serum

make prem Poncirus Trifoliata C Dark Spot Serum

Courtesy of Korean Skincare Brand - make p:rem

Jobie: Apart from sensitive skin, what other skin concerns can make p:rem products solve?

Kim: make p:rem's product lines include products that can solve skin concerns such as cleansing, moisture, blemishing, dead skin cells, UV protection, soothing, etc.

Jobie: Does make p:rem frequently change the ingredients and prescription of products to meet customer needs/feedback?

Kim: We identify needs through market research through various beauty platforms on a regular basis. In addition, we do sampling through a review team before the launching of each product. In that way, the quality and stability of ingredients can be guaranteed. Therefore, it is rare to change ingredients or prescriptions after release, unless it is a change required by law. At the same time as the launch, we conduct continuous monitoring of consumers, and actively reflect feedback on renewals or new lineups.

The Future for Make P:rem

Jobie: Tell us about new products to be released by make p:rem!

Kim: It is no exaggeration to say that our daily life has changed 180 degrees this year as well as last year due to COVDI19. We are preparing various categories of products, such as a super soothing skincare line for skin irritated by the use of face masks, and a cleanser product for pore care such as blackheads.

make p:rem - Radiance me. Mild essential peeling

make prem Radiance me

Courtesy of Korean Skincare Brand - make p:rem

Jobie: Any short-term or long-term goal for make p:rem?

Kim: We believe that sustainable products are in line with protecting the ‘environment.’ In addition, the meaning of sustainable clean beauty that protects the environment and oneself is expanded, and more brands and consumers are expected to practice clean beauty. make p:rem also aims to create products with good ingredients that are effective and stable in the short-term, but in the future, products that can be consumed sustainably with interest in environmental issues.

The Loyal Fans Want to Know...

Q: Which product of make p:rem is the best for oily skin, acne skin or sensitive skin?

Kim: All UV Defense Me Line is a low-irritant soothing care sun line with bamboo water and City-proof Complex that helps soothe the skin. Among the products from this line, sun products for oily skin are sun sticks with a silky finish. This product named Primer Sun Stick can be conveniently used without stickiness.

make p:rem - UV Defense Me. Calming Sun Cream

make prem UV Defense Me Sun Cream

Courtesy of Korean Skincare Brand - make p:rem

Q: What skin care routine would you recommend for dry skin?

Kim: Dry skin tends to become sensitive easily, so it is recommended to use plant-derived skincare products that are less irritating. It is also important to always use sunscreen. Strong UV rays in direct contact with the skin for long hours can make the skin look dry and rough or bumpy. We recommend the Safe me range, the Comfort me. Panthenol moisture essence, and the UV Defense Me. Calming Sun Cream for dry skin.

make p:rem - Comfort me. Panthenol moisture essence

make prem Comfort me. Panthenol moisture essence

Courtesy of Korean Skincare Brand - make p:rem

Kim: For cleansing, it is recommended to use mild acidic products to prevent moisture reduction, such as the make p:rem Safe me. Relief moisture cleansing foam. It is recommended to follow a 4-step skincare routine: toner-essence-eye cream-moisture cream, after cleansing. After applying a refreshing toner rich in moisture, provide nutrition to the skin immediately with a make p:rem ampoule such as the Safe me. Relief Moisture Green Ampoule. Next, apply an appropriate amount of eye cream for wrinkle care. In the final stage, apply a thin layer of brightening and wrinkle-improving functional cream on the entire face, rich in nutrition that can be gently absorbed into the skin without stickiness.

make p:rem - Safe me. Relief moisture cleansing foam

make prem safe me cleanser

Courtesy of Korean Skincare Brand - make p:rem

Jobie: Thank you for your time, Mr. Kim! We look forward to more new and exciting skincare moments with make p:rem and wish you all the success!

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