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Launched in 2005, Dr Jart Korea is noted as the first K-beauty brand to introduce BB creams to the American market. Featuring skin brightening mask and clearing solution mask designed to address specific dermatological needs, Dr Jart has grown to become a global skincare brand with high-quality formulas and vibrant packagings, such as the Dr Jart Shake and Shot collection. Dr Jart mask is known to deliver effective treatment and visible results through Korea's most advanced skincare technology. With a strong dedication to scientific research and modern innovation, Dr Jart is able to formulate skin-transforming mask such as Dr Jart Brightening Mask and Dr Jart Clearing Solution Mask. From color to functionality, Dr Jart hand-picks and curates the best combination to customize and package every mask as a piece of art. Time to pamper your skin with the best Dr Jart mask set available here at Stylevana!

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