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Annabella Products

ANNABELLA is a leading Thai Beauty brand established in the year of 2010. Growing into a cult-favorite skincare brand for all things Thai Beauty, ANNABELLA showcases their ambition and devoted passion in formulating herbal-scientific skin care products to offer you the most fundamental skin-preserving solution for your daily skin care routine. Since its launch, ANNABELLA Thailand has developed multiple skin care series which have gained a huge following worldwide, such as the ANNABELLA Angel and Alga series, and the ANNALADY Advanced Function series. Notable for their R&D-based practice, ANNABELLA seeks out the most suitable ingredients for their skin care range, extracting natural resources from the most vital places. Among the ever-expanding range of ANNABELLA's skin care products, the Thai Beauty label has under its belt a signature product, the Angel Aqua Expert Hydrating Facial Mask, which harnesses the high-impact, skin-loving power of Seaweed to deeply replenish, soothe, and moisturize your skin to restore the everlasting glow.

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