What You Need to Know about K-pop Idols' Dreamy Cream Skin

Despite K-pop idols’ jam-packed schedule, continuous lack of sleep, and their heavy makeup on stage, they seem to manage to appear perfect on any occasion, especially their oh-so-enviable cream skin. We know many of you may wonder if K-pop idols like TWICE, Red Velvet and BLACKPINK members are genetically blessed with blemish-free, clear skin; in fact, they are putting more time (and more steps) into taking care of their skin than we can imagine.

Wanna know their cream skin skincare secrets? Keep scrolling to learn what products (and what steps) you should add to your everyday routine from our beloved K-pop idols!

Kim Chungha

Cream Skin Recipe: Cleansers + Sheet Masks

Kim Chungha Skincare Tips Cream Skin Clear Skin

Cleansing is vital to Chungha’s Korean skincare routine. The soloist believes that your skin has to be washed thoroughly to prepare for the goodies that follow. Instead of the Korean double cleansing method, she goes one step further to "triple cleanse." First, Hwiyoung removes her eye makeup. Then, she uses an oil cleanser to wash off any leftover makeup. Last, she finishes her three-step process with a foam cleanser. After putting on toner, essence, and moisturizer, she pampers herself with a soothing sheet mask. Learn Chungha's routine to give your skin some well-deserved TLC.

Add these cleansers and masks to your routine to get your cream skin: 

 TOSOWOONG - Dr. Troubex Soothing Mask Pack  COSRX - Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser  PURITO - Defence Barrier Ph Cleanser - 150ml  Mediheal - N.M.F Aquaring Ampoule Mask

Hwiyoung @ SF9

Cream Skin Recipe: Toners + Moisturizers

SF9 Hwiyoung Skincare Tips Cream Skin Clear Skin

If you've seen his "Good Guy" live performance, you'll know him for his mega-talented charm and also his milky, soft skin. SF9’s member Hwiyoung has shared his skincare tips with his fans that he actually never dries off his skin after double-cleansing. Instead, Hwiyoung applies toner and moisturizer on his washed, wet face to keep his skin hydrated and also prevent irritation. So, next time try not to rub your face with your towel after cleansing. Just layer your toner and moisturizer on top.

Try these toners and moisturizers to make your cream skin come true:

 Etude House - Soon Jung PH 5.5 Relief Toner  SOME BY MI - AHA. BHA. PHA 30 Days Miracle Toner - 150ml  Tonymoly - The Chok Chok Green Tea Watery Cream  Tonymoly - The Chok Chok Green Tea Watery Cream

Tiffany @ SNSD

Cream Skin Recipe: Chemical Exfoliators

SNSD Girls’ Generation Tiffany Young Skincare Tips Cream Skin Clear Skin

Once a SONE, always a SONE.

Our forever K-pop queen Girls' Generation is perfect in every way (obviously), and their flawless cream skin is no exception. Known for being a skincare guru, SNSD's Tiffany has shared that she uses chemical exfoliants instead of scrubs. And instead of sticking to one chemical exfoliator, she cycles a handful of them to keep her skin smooth and radiant.

Some of the popular Korean chemical exfoliants are AHAs, BHAs, and PHAs. Our tips? Never exfoliate more than two times a week as it may cause irritation, which is the last thing you'd want for your cream skin.

Steal Tiffany’s cream skin with these skin-loving exfoliators:

 Cure - Natural Aqua Gel  RiRe - All Kill Refresh Peeling Gel  Tonymoly - Floria Brightening Peeling Gel  Secret Key - Lemon Sparkling Peeling Gel

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Creating your own cream skin recipe has never looked so easy, am I right?