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Hery - NKB Zero - Cleansing Foam - 110g


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Product Type: Cleansing Foam
Skin Concern: Acne, Irritation/ Calming, Oil Control/ Pores
Skin Type: Combination, Dry, Normal, Oily, Sensitive
Take a proper amount of this product in the palm of your hand every morning and evening. After adding water and foaming, massage on the face and massage gently, then rinse off with water.
Recommended: After using NKB cleansing lotion, use NKB lotion, then take 1-2 drops of NKB essence to apply the entire face. Finally, use NKB gel cream to help regulate the skin and prevent acne from recurring. For months, the skin is optimally stable.



- Refreshing and gentle
Using the patented formula of the Le Dun family, it creates a mild and cleansing cleanser that is super-locking and does not tighten after cleansing.
- Acne anti-allergy
The locusts are hidden in the pores, which absorb the nutrition of skin care products and affect the balance of skin oils.
- Made in Japan
Safe and no-additive formula ensures that all sensitive skin can be used with confidence.
Most acne products are low-stimulation or micro-stimulation. NKB ZERO is tested by Japanese and Chinese authorities. It is non-irritating, meaning that pregnant women and children can use it with confidence.

Main ingredient:
*Water-decomposing eggshell membrane cell repair
It uses a high-grade water-decomposing eggshell membrane, which has excellent wound healing and moisturizing effect, and a thin eggshell membrane inside the eggshell.
It is rich in mountain type collagen. After being processed into water-soluble, it is easier to absorb the skin, supplement small collagen, give vitality to the cells, and make the skin smooth like a baby's muscles.

*Evening Primrose Extract Antioxidant
Evening primrose with a very high phenolic content goes far beyond other plants.
It inhibits bacterial growth, anti-oxidation and anti-aging, and has a good ability to eliminate superoxide radicals.
Rich polyphenols effectively regulate skin balance and whitening effect.
Pure natural plant extracts are more beneficial to skin health.

*Pearl protein extract, transparent
The pearl protein extract from deep sea shells has a skin affinity and a moisturizing effect.
Excellent skin permeability, enhancing the antioxidant and anti-aging properties of other active ingredients;
There is evidence that seashell hard protein hydrolysates from the ocean can significantly inhibit skin allergies.

*Glycyrrhizic acid [Whitening] ceramide [Locking water] licorice extract [Repair] bilberry leaf extract [Whitening]
Japanese Pomelo Extract [Anti-Aging] Hydrolysis of Hyaluronic Acid [Moisturizing] Dog's Teeth Extract [Promoting Metabolism]


Product Type: Cleansing Foam
Skin Concern: Acne, Irritation/ Calming, Oil Control/ Pores
Skin Type: Combination, Dry, Normal, Oily, Sensitive




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