Best Self-Care Tips for Healthy Hair and Shiny Nails At Home

Everyone, repeat after me: self-care isn't selfish. If there was ever a time to be kind and take good care of yourself, it's now. If you google "the best self care ideas at home," you'll most definitely see on the list things like yoga, meditation, and trying on a new sheet mask every week (or day, depends on how much of a skincare addict you are)... But there are so many other things you can do to treat yourself from the comfort of your home, like inventing the perfect nail art design for yourself or a full-on nail care and hair care treatment. So to take matters into your own hands (literally), here are the best DIY self-care tips to make your nails and hair live their best life!

1. Healthy nail is happy nail.

self care nail care

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Healthy nails (and even the results of good nail care routine) are one of those less-visible confidence boosters, like wearing a fancy pair of underwear just because or splurging on amazing socks to wear under your boots. Whether your nail care is a form of self-care, an indulgence, or just routine maintenance, keeping your nails in tip-top shape is a worthwhile investment.

How to Take Care of Your Nails

Step 1:
Before you go in with clippers and nail files, moisturize your hands and nails first with a hand moisturizer or hand cream. The FRUDIA Re:proust Essential Blending Hand Cream is a favorite among some Stylevana staffers as it is formulated with shea butter + 100% pure cold press moringa oil to provide a prefect hydration to rough hands while lightly scented with a blended of mandarin and rosemary oil.

FRUDIA Re:proust Essential Blending Hand Cream

Courtesy of Korean Skincare Brand - FRUDIA

Step 2:
Your nails are now soft and ready to be trimmed, filed and buffed. Get a sturdy clipper to shape your nails and make them smooth and shiny with a nail file and buffer. We’re a huge fan of KAI’s manicure tools: easy to maneuver and clean up afterwards. From clippers to nail files, this J-Beauty brand features a collection of effective, simple self-care tools to make your at-home treatment more DIY-friendly.

Step 3:
After all the handy-work, use the innisfree Nail Cuticle Oil to soften and moisturize your cuticles and avoid dryness and cracking, which is a must for an at-home manicure. You’ll love its roll-on design, which makes it easy to use anywhere, any time.

2. Get it on with press-on!

You might already have a solid collection of designer nail polishes on your shelf, but that shouldn’t stop you from having fun and experimenting with press-on gel nails.

Dashing Diva nail art

Courtesy of K-Beauty Brand - Dashing Diva

Whatever nail art skill you might lack, Dashing Diva’s press-on nail collection makes up for it—from chevron, checkers, stripes, to other trend-setting patterns—to keep your nails looking sharp, gorgeous and boujee. Honestly, who needs a salon manicure appointment when you have the best nail art set at home?

Dashing Diva’s press-on nail set is perfect for lazy heads like us who also love to change up their styles with new nail art every week. From lavender holographics to neon duo-chromes, Dashing Diva’s press-on nail collection has every style and color you need to make a statement: classic nudes, glitters, and chromes (basically any nail art you want). Not to mention they are extremely durable too. In each pack, you'll find 30 nail pieces, an alcohol pad, a mini file, and a stick, which is everything you need to create a unique at-home mani.

3. Keep your hair healthy, shiny and gorgeous.

Your hair deserves a break just as much as your skin. Whether you are a victim of dry scalp, thin hair, or bothersome slit ends, a hair mask is the ultimate quick fix to help you achieve healthy, voluminous hair.

hair care routine

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How to Maintain Healthy Hair

Step 1:
Wash your hair with sulfate-free shampoo and scalp-nourshing essence to prevent irritation and dryness on the scalp. One of our favorite hair care picks for best scalp care is the innisfree My Hair Recipe Loss Care Scalp Scaler. Apply and leave it on for 2-3 minutes before your shampoo to provide an impurity-banishing deep cleanse with its AHA-infused formula. It is also enriched with extracts from Jeju pine, cedar and cypress tree, with ginseng and black soybean to keep roots healthy.

Step 2:
After you air-dry / towel-dry / blow-dry (remember, don’t overheat your hair) your hair, apply hair serum to pamper and repair your dry ends. The miseenscéne Damage Care Perfect Serum might be your best hair care remedy (also Stylevana’s best selling hair serum) if you have super frizzy hair or serious hair damage from chemical hair-dye. This award-winning hair serum has a powerhouse formula that will nurture your hair back to its original shine.

shiseido hair mask

Courtesy of Japanese Beauty Brand - Shiseido

Step 3:
Apply a hair mask for the ultimate quick fix. It’s highly effective and can provide your hair with tons of health benefits in less than 20 minutes. The Shiseido Tsubaki Premium Repair Hair Mask has been one of Stylevana’s best-selling hair care products for its hair-enhancing results. It penetrates hair to repair damage and deeply moisturize with its innovative infiltration technology, leaving your locks smooth from roots to tips and with a pleasant camellia scent.

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And viola, look at you! A mane muse AND a nail goddess just in time for the spring season! Which DIY self-care tips do you like best? Anyway, go stock up on your nail care and the best hair care products to complete your transformation! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to get more instant product updates and skincare tips!