For more than 13 years' experience, ZOREYA has been delicately crafting makeup brushes for everyday beauty of both beginner and professional users. Ranging from the fluffiest blush or powder brushes to the luxurious foundation or concealer brushes, ZOREYA has designed highly detailed masterpieces. ZOREYA brushes are classic, fashionable, durable, environmentally- and user-friendly. Various combinations among the shapes of the brush tip, the softness of the bristles, as well as the materials of the handle or ferrule are in ZOREYA. This brand even possesses many patents of beauty products, such as the makeup brush with diamond inside and the cork-handle makeup brush. With the profession and innovation in producing makeup brushes, ZOREYA brings users an absolute beauty sensation to reach any kind of makeup looks or beauty trends. ZOREYA brush sets are always the best-selling products, especially ZOREYA 15 Piece Brush Set and ZOREYA 3 in 1 Brush. Any of the ultimate sets is sure to become your go-to beauty necessity. Explore more ZOREYA at Stylevana!


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