Dr:VT was brought to life by a vision of exploring the hero ingredient in skincare — centella asiatica, and imparting it in hair care products to address hair loss concerns. Centella asiatica is widely known for its healing properties on the skin, reviving irritated, tired skin, calming inflammation, and promoting blood circulation. Dr:VT studies the benefits of centella asiatica for years and takes further steps to incorporate it into the bottle of hair care products. Korean hair care label Dr:VT believes the scalp must be healthy for fundamental and proper care for hair loss problems. Dr:VT’s hair care products are developed with centella asiatica to strike a healthy water-oil balance of the scalp, soothe any irritation of the scalp, and provide nutrients to the hair roots, to treat hair loss issues from the fundamental. No matter you are looking for hair loss treatment or just some TLC for your frizz, explore Dr:VT’s hair care products at Stylevana now!


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