Derm·all Matrix

Derm·all Matrix is a beauty brand created by the research team of Rion Medifab which specializes in research and development, having national projects related to artificial ligaments and artificial skin with hospitals, universities and government-affiliated research institutes. Having rich experience in skin regeneration, their research team has developed Derm·all Matrix skincare out of the most similar ingredients to human skin based on artificial skin manufacturing technology for burn treatments. Its skincare products are all made with natural ingredients and applied with advanced bioengineering skill, making them suitable for sensitive skin and damaged skin. The bestselling item, Derm·all Matrix Facial Dermal Care Mask is made with the texted and Sterilized ECM ingredients and finest plant extracts soothe the skin and guard against irritation. Users can enjoy an entirely new moisturizing experience due to its innovative technology, acquiring a healthy and glowing skin with the best skin care products from Derm·all Matrix. Explore more beauty products from Derm·all Matrix at Stylevana!

Derm·all Matrix

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