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AYUNCHE is a high-end brand that targets luxury hair salons by Amos Professional, a hair products company and a subsidiary of Amorepacific. Working hard to solve real hair troubles, AYUNCHE presents new solutions that alleviate the challenges hair stylists face. Imbued with the brand philosophy to coexist harmoniously with the environment, AYUNCHE strives to be "eco-chic" featuring sustainable, core hair-strengthening products that go beyond just creating an external shine for your hair. AYUNCHE's core identity of deriving natural ingredients and oriental perspective had to reform into a new and refined message and mood to regain its leading position. Introducing AYUNCHE's wide range of hair products, from the highly coveted AYUNCHE Camellia Oil Shampoo to the AYUNCHE Scalp Rebalancing Treatment, to upgrade your routine like us. Unlike most brands' typical concept of the main color, AYUNCHE has adopted a main material demonstrating a slightly different approach and unique attitude. Eco Gray, the main material representing AYUNCHE, symbolizes the unique texture of recycled paper. It is expressed using all types of recycled papers and focuses on natural textures rather than processed colors when touched by hand.


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