BTS 'Dynamite' Retro Inspired Beauty Guide: Makeup, Hair & Outfit

While the boys from BTS are busy “shining through the city with a little funk and soul,” I thought it’d be fun for us to break down their retro disco-esque aesthetic and all the beauty looks featured in their Billboard No. 1 single ‘Dynamite’ to give ARMY some glow-up inspirations. From makeup, hair to outfit, we’ll be looking at all the stunning edits and vibrant visuals from the mega hit Kpop group's 'Dynamite' to bring you the best BTS inspired Korean beauty and fashion tips! So “bring a friend, join the crowd” and dive into it!

No. 1

Jimin’s Ethereal Beauty Look

BTS Jimin Dynamite Makeup

BTS Jimin’s glossy lips and soft gaze in ‘Dynamite’ MV

Of course we have to talk about our Baby Mochi, aka BTS Jimin’s ethereal ‘soft boy’ beauty look in ‘Dynamite’. I know we’re all falling head over heels for his soft gaze, but the star of Jimin’s beauty look goes to his glossy lips and subtle smokey eye makeup

To match his delicate ‘soft boy’ aesthetic, Jimin goes light on his lips with a nude lip gloss featuring a sheer coral undertone, which brings everyone’s focus to his toned-down smokey eye makeup. To recreate Jimin’s look, all you need is a pair of colored contact lenses + a nice wash of charcoal brown around the eye corner in a subtle gradient finish.

Hot Picks for Jimin’s ‘Soft Boy’ Aesthetic

Romand - Glasting Water Gloss - Meteor Track Peach C - Soft Mood Eyeshadow Palette - Soft Brown Olens - Spanish 1 Month - Real Gray

No. 2

Suga’s Mochi Skin Base Makeup

BTS Suga Dynamite Makeup

BTS Suga shows off his flawless ‘mochi skin’ complexion in ‘Dynamite’ MV

Apart from his gummy smile, BTS Suga is also known for his ‘mochi skin’ complexion while being the member with the fairest, lightest skin tone. So we don’t blame you if you find his skin enviable. During his appearance in ‘Dynamite’ MV, Suga has an iconic close-up shot that perfectly reveals his flawless true-to-skin base makeup.

To achieve his mochi-like complexion, you’ll need the perfect matte foundation cushion to set up the base makeup along with a concealer to cover your blemishes and spots. For the final makeup step, innisfree’s Pore Blur Powder is the perfect setting powder to bring you the ultimate poreless effect.

How to Recreate Suga’s Mochi Skin Base Makeup

LANEIGE - Neo Cushion Matte innisfree - Pore Blur Powder MACQUEEN - Air Fit Cover Concealer The Big

No. 3

RM’s Pastel Blue Hair + Bold Brows Look

BTS RM Dynamite Blue Hair

BTS RM’s pastel blue hair + bold brows look in ‘Dynamite’ MV

I think we can all agree that RM’s pastel blue hair style stole the spotlight in ‘Dynamite’ MV. This fan-favorite hairstyle might make ARMY reminisce about BTS Young Forever era but this time RM did it with a bold brow look which makes the pastel blue stand out even more. To achieve those prominent brows like RM, start with a brow tint if you are blessed with bushy eyebrows, or you can work your eyebrows slowly with a brow tattoo or a brow pencil to get them in good shape!

Steal RM’s Pastel Blue Hair + Bold Brow Look

MACQUEEN - My Gyeol-fit Tint Brow LOVEY DOVEY - Color Pop Hair TreatmentRiRe - Fork Eyebrow Tint

No. 4

Jungkook’s Denim-On-Denim Outfit

BTS Jungkook Dynamite Denim Outfit

BTS Jungkook’s 90s denim-on-denim look in ‘Dynamite’ MV

Jungkook drinking milk in his double denim ensemble is just ICONIC. In his first solo scene in ‘Dynamite’ MV, Jungkook gives off a relaxed vibe in his retro denim-on-denim outfit, which is a perfect ensemble to wear in the Autumn season. Casual and stylish, this urban apparel will go well with your minimalistic edits. Think denim jacket, denim jeans + a simple white tee then you’re good to go!

Match Jungkook’s Denim Outfit

Dearest - Furry Lined Denim Jacket MERONGSHOP - High-Waist Cropped Straight-Cut Pants Icecream12 - Oversized Plain Denim Shirt

No. 5

Jin and Jungkook’s Love for Vintage Patterns

BTS Jungkook and Jin Dynamite Vintage Outfit

BTS Jin and Jungkook wearing classic patterns, checks and polka-dots, in ‘Dynamite’ MV

Checks and polka dots have never looked so good, so we have Jungkook and Jin to thank for bringing back these classic vintage prints to our fashion radar. Style these vintage prints with a multi-colored checked jacket like Jungkook, or a simple button down t-shirt like Jin to match the retro aesthetic from the ‘Dynamite’ MV. These never-out-of-style vintage prints will definitely lend an old-school touch to your fall closet!

Vintage Patterns to Try this Fall

MsBlossom - Plaid Blazer Cherryville - Short Sleeve Printed T-Shirt + Band Waist Dotted Mermaid Skirt Icecream12 - Plaid Blazer

No. 6

V’s 90s Slicked Back Soft Blonde Hair

BTS V Taehyung Dynamite Blonde Hair

BTS V shows off his new soft blonde hairstyle in ‘Dynamite’ MV

We all know V is the king of duality, that’s why his soft blonde hair style in ‘Dynamite’ looks perfect on him whether it’s in a sexy slicked-back or a cute perm. So if any ARMY is looking for a sign to switch up their hair color this season, this is your sign — try Dariya’s Bubble Pack for the perfect hair dye job to match V’s soft blonde hairstyle. For those who want to see your man try the slicked back hairstyle, simply use Gatsby’s Water Gloss Wet Look Gel to complete the look!

Match V’s Soft Blonde Hairstyle

Dariya - Palty - Bubble Pack Hair Color - Custard BeigeMandom - Gatsby - Water Gloss Wet Look GelDariya - Palty - Coloring Milk

Not getting over BTS’s ‘Dynamite’ hype any time soon? Well, that makes all of us… But the good news is, you can still have fun and try these makeup looks and outfits yourselves at home while blasting ‘Dynamite’ on repeat (like me). Enjoy up to 30% OFF on colored contact lenses so you can look ethereal like Jimin, or pick up a new hair dye to match your favorite BTS member’s hair color!