How to Have a DIY Spa Day at Home this Easter

Easter weekend is only five days away, and I’m already in a vacation mood just thinking about how I’m going to spoil myself with a head-to-toe treatment at home. Yep, a DIY spa day at home sounds perfect to me. Talk about self-care indulgence, right? Consider this coming Easter weekend your chance to recharge and take a breather, and what better way to pamper yourself, than with a relaxing DIY spa treatment that is budget-friendly with a homey touch.

From hair care, body care to skin care, I’ve rounded up a list of spa day supplies with a 6-step guide on how to create your own DIY spa treatment at home this Easter weekend. So, sit back, relax, and keep scrolling!

1. Run a hot, fruity bubble bath

DIY Spa Day at Home for Easter Run a Bath

First things first… start by setting the mood with a scented candle and some calming spa music to create the perfect ambience for your bath. I personally like to make things as fruity and bubbly as possible, and apart from bath salt or bath bomb, another ready-for-use alternative is your body wash. I highly recommend choosing the scented ones, like FRUDIA’s My Orchard Body Wash collection, because they boast a range of sweet and fruity notes that will definitely add a scented serenity to your relaxing spa experience. Now close your eyes, take a deep breath, and soak all your troubles away.

Enjoy a fruity bubble bath with your favorite scent:

FRUDIA - My Orchard Body Wash – Quince - 350ml FRUDIA - My Orchard Body Wash – Peach - 350ml FRUDIA - My Orchard Body Wash – Cherry - 350ml

2. Scrub and exfoliate

DIY Spa Day at Home for Easter Body Scrub

Now that you’ve soaked your tired body for a good 5-10 minutes, it’s time to give it a nice scrub (and your face as well). Start your spa facial treatment with a gentle pore scrub to leave your face smooth like baby skin. My suggestion? Try innisfree’s Jeju Volcanic Pore Scrub Foam for a non-stripping, yet deeply cleansing exfoliation and watch the volcanic cluster scrub particles work their magic on your pores. For a full-body exfoliation, give PUREDERM’s Pyramid Shaped Body Scrub a go. I’ve been using this new beauty gem on rotation for my weekly exfoliation and it does not disappoint!

Scrub your worries (and dead skin cells) away:

 PUREDERM - Pyramid Shaped Exfoliating Body Scrub - Walnut - 20g  My Scheming - Body Scrub  Sioris - My Soft Grain Scrub - 45g  innisfree - Jeju Volcanic Pore Scrub Foam

3. Put on a face mask

DIY Spa Day at Home for Easter Face Mask

A spa treatment is not complete without a face mask. My current mask obsession goes to make p:rem’s Safe me moisture mask because it helps soothe my irritated skin in just minutes’ time. If you want in on some fun, bubbly action for your mask routine, try Dr. Jart+’s Porecting Solution Bubbling Charcoal Mask. It suits all skin types and does a great job in clearing clogged pores. Watch it foams up and massage it in circular motion – it feels just like a bubble bath for your face!

Skin-loving masks to try on spa day:

 Dr. Jart - Porecting Solution Bubbling Charcoal Sheet Mask  PUREDERM - Deep Purifying Black O2 Bubble Mask  make p:rem - Safe me. Relief moisture mask 15 - 1pc  Etude House - Soon Jung Panthensoside Sheet Mask

4. Nourish your hands

DIY Spa Day at Home for Easter Hand Mask

Are you even a multi-masker if you haven’t tried a hand mask before? Same as the skin on your face, your hands can also reveal significant signs of aging and hand cream is simply not enough. That’s why we all need to start taking better care of our hands with the genius invention of hand masks, like PUREDERM’s Moisture & Nourishing Hand Mask. You’ll be impressed by how much a little paper glove can do to restore a silky soft veneer to your dry hands.

Add these hand masks to your spa day routine:

 PUREDERM - Moisture & Nourishing Hand Mask - Peach - 1pair  innisfree - Special Care Mask - Hand  PETITFEE - Dry Essence Hand Pack  Mediheal - Theraffin Hand Mask - 1pc

5. Detox for your feet

DIY Spa Day at Home for Easter Foot Mask

There’s no better feeling than resting your tired feet in a pair of relaxing foot masks after a long week. So, for your at-home spa day this Easter weekend, you need to pamper yourself with the perfect foot care, like Etude House’s Bebe Foot Mask. This easy-to-use treatment mask features AHA fruit complex, hyaluronic acid and vitamins galore, which help remove dead skin and smooth callused areas, as well as soften and moisturize your feet.

Perfect remedy for a day on your feet:

 PUREDERM - Shiny & Soft Foot Peeling Mask  Etude House - Bebe Foot Mask  NATUREREPUBLIC - Real Squeeze Aloe Vera Moisture Foot Mask  The Face Shop - Smile Foot Peeling Mask Pack

6. Treat your hair

DIY Spa Day at Home for Easter Hair Treatment

Whether you have long or short hair, a hair mask is essential in keeping your locks healthy and shiny, and Shiseido’s Tsubaki Hair Mask does just that. This J-Beauty gem has become my bathroom staple for keeping my dry and coarse hair at bay. It has a slight grapefruit scent but not too overpowering, leaving a delicate, fruity aroma in the air. You can rinse it after a couple minutes or leave on longer for a treatment.

Leave your hair frizz-free with a much-needed hair mask treatment:

 Shiseido - Fino Premium Touch Hair Mask  Shiseido - Tsubaki - Premium Repair Hair Mask  SOME BY MI - Miracle Repair Treatment - 180g  TOSOWOONG - Repair Sleeping Hair Pack

Now that you have all the steps down for a relaxing spa day in the comfort of your cozy home, it’s time to get all the spa supplies ready! Feel like stocking up on more masks? Check out Dr. Jart+’s mask collection with 10% OFF on your faves now! Don’t miss the PUREDERM brand sale (currently 20% OFF on orders over $25 ONLY at Stylevana) and their self-care guide on how to become a multi-masker!

Shop with our Happy Easter Sale to get into the holiday spirit and enjoy a FREE gift on orders $65+! Remember, self-care isn’t selfish. Share this routine with your loved ones and let’s all spend some quality me-time at home this Easter weekend with the best DIY spa day treatment! Who’s with me?