iunik_official Tea Tree Relief Serum Contains: • Tea Tree - Helps breakouts, heals the skin and give a brighter clearer complexion. • Centella - Soothes the skin. • 6 Sprout extracts; Broccoli,... iunik_officialTea Tree Relief SerumContains:• Tea Tree - Helps breakouts, heals the skin and give a brighter clearer complexion. • Centella - Soothes the skin.• 6 Sprout extracts; Broccoli, Alfalfa, Cabbage, Wheat sprout, Raddish and Rapeseed - These provide moisture and gives smooth supple skin.• Niacinamide and Adenosine - Both contain anti-aging properties.• Fragrance free.I was surprised that this serum didn't have any fragrance at all. I couldn't even smell any natural scents in this. Unless it's my nose! The serum has a thinner consistency than a normal serum. It is quite watery, kind of between a serum and essence. I love that this spreads nicely onto the skin and absorbs almost immediately. There is no tacky feel on the skin after using it. I would definitely say that this really helped my skin feel more brighter and helped with my complexion. I was breaking out less while using this but once I stopped I noticed a few extra pimples on my skin. I may restock this one, as it does have a lovely soothing effect. It helps calm my skin down from breaking out so much and I love the glow it gives to my skin. iunik_officialRose Galactomyces Silky Tone Up CreamContains:• Galactomyces - High in antioxidants. Helps with acne, brightens the skin and controls excess sebum.• Rose Water - Improves complexion and reduces redness.• Niacinamide - Anti-aging. • Fragrance free.Who likes Rose scented products? This Rose tone up cream has a strong scent of rose which I usually like but not on my face. The scent does linger on the skin which I am not keen on. I can see how this works as tone up cream it lightens and brightens the skin. Unfortunately it doesn't work great on my darker skin tone. It leaves my skin looking grey. This doesn't mean it wouldn't work for other skin tones, as I feel it would work for lighter tones. It has a love thin consistency and gives the skin a soft matt feel. Thank you stylevana_sv for letting me try these amazing products.*PR - Opinions are my own